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Bigfinite and NNE Partnership

Bigfinite and NNE Partnership


San Francisco, California, July 9, 2019 — Bigfinite and NNE announced a strategic partner program agreement to collaborate around accelerating digital transformation within manufacturing operations at the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers.  

This collaborative effort is based on Bigfinite’s SaaS platform leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve manufacturing operations combined with NNE’s unique pharma domain expertise.  The Bigfinite platform will be able to successfully monitor and optimize NNE’s customer’s operations, identifying and eliminating the root causes of operational issues, enhancing operating performance – all while ensuring GxP compliance and inherent data integrity.  Members from both organizations will work side-by-side to combine NNE’s strong knowledge in pharma operation, automation, and regulations with Bigfinite’s big data, industry, and advanced technological experience.  

Pep, CEO of Bigfinite, said, “Partnering with NNE is a tremendous opportunity to accelerate the deployment of our platform and make ‘Pharma 4.0’ a reality.” 

While several of these digital technologies have been available for some time, the Pharmaceutical industry has moved slowly and cautiously into the digital world due to heavy regulations.  But as the pressure to reduce cost, raise quality, and the demand for personalized medicine increases, companies must evolve to changing requirements to stay ahead.       

Pharma manufacturers in the US alone wastes $50 billion each year and 70% of manufacturing data is never used.  This partnership will help improve those statistics – empowering pharma companies to see their fullest potential with the use of the Bigfinite platform and NNE’s expertise. 

According to Mogens Larsson, Vice President (VP), Automation & IT of NNE, “We are excited to partner with Bigfinite Inc., a joined effort to bring market-leading technology that is purpose-built for the industry to our customers, for real and impactful improvements on how to create value from manufacturing and GxP data.”


About NNE: NNE is an international company specialised in pharma engineering. We help pharmaceutical companies bring products to market by providing flexible, compliant and future-proof solutions. We have close to 1,000 professionals delivering global knowledge and best practices, all dedicated to supporting our customers globally and on local sites.

About Bigfinite Inc.: Bigfinite is a cloud-based SaaS platform for the Life Sciences Industry that transforms manufacturing operations with the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT technologies.  Founded in 2014 by a veteran team that possesses over 30 years of expertise in Pharma and IT, Bigfinite offers an intuitive way to gain process and operational intelligence so you can improve manufacturing operations in a GxP compliant manner.  Our mission is to advance manufacturing operations so pharma and biotech companies can provide patients with the right medicine, at the right time, and at the right price.

Melissa Villalobos

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

2019 Xavier University AI Summit Reflections – Two Industries Ready for Change

Now that the dust has settled from the Xavier University AI Summit and our team is back to business, we’ve had time to process some of the highlights and key takeaways from the exciting event.  In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the implementation of digital technologies into various industries that subsequently impacted the way we live, travel, and do business.  From driverless cars to 24/7 customer support chatbots, innovation and technology continue to spiral upward and as we’ve entered the 4th industrial revolution, and healthcare + biopharma should be no exception.  The Xavier University AI Summit is a great event that brings together a range of relevant stakeholders with common focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

Bigfinite and NNE Partnership

Bigfinite and NNE announced a strategic partner program agreement to collaborate around accelerating digital transformation within manufacturing operations at the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. 

Where are Pharma Companies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence?

They say good things come to those who wait; we say good things come to those who wait but only the things left by the visionaries before them.  The pharmaceutical industry has long been known to lag in the adoption of new technology due to strong regulations. Even though regulators have recently begun to open up to several new ‘big data’ or pharma 4.0 technologies - the question remains, if pharma companies are doing the same?  In 2016, the European Pharmacopoeia 9.0 in Chapter 5.21 announced that neural networks (NN) and support vector machines (SVM) are valid chemometric techniques for processing analytical data sets. 

Data Scientist 4.0 – Bridging the World of Manufacturing and Data

Since the announcement of the 4th Industrial Revolution in 2011, multitudes of emerging technologies have transpired around “Industry 4.0”. Technologies such as digital twins, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and cyber-physical systems have come into the scene as core elements, providing the necessary ingredients for a paradigm shift in manufacturing. Technologies around predictive analytics and artificial intelligence are pioneering new approaches with many use cases including predictive maintenance, autonomous process optimization, and pattern recognition - used to identify potential failures in real-time. Because of this, data science is becoming an invaluable discipline for our industry in order to transform information into knowledge.

Making the Conversation Real – What To Expect From The AI Manufacturing Team At Xavier University

Our co-founder and R&D Director Toni Manzano is a team lead for Xavier University AI in Manufacturing Team where, with the help of FDA officials and industry professionals, they address how the power of AI can be used to optimize manufacturing operations in the life sciences industry.

Taking Smart Manufacturing “Back to The Future”

What does the future look like in a smart factory in the pharma or biotech industry? We believe a smart factory is a digitally transformed facility and operation that is reaping the benefits of increased productivity. In fact, some experts predict an order of magnitude productivity gain! It is this productivity gain we need to aim and think about when talking digital transformation, it is the vision and the clear long-term goal. And yes, it is super important because with a clear goal it is easier to prioritize which technology to try first and where or what to digitally transform first, in other words, the strategy.

AWS re:Invent 2018 is Here!  Are You Ready?

Bigfinite is excited to announce that we will be attending the 2018 AWS re:Invent!  For the past three years, we have attended the annual conference and every year this event has continued to gain tremendous growth and take the city by storm.

Cultural Resistance… Who are the Real Enablers?

Advanced analytics technologies in the pharmaceutical industry are accessible now more than ever and regulators have slowly become more accepting of these kinds of advances.  The introduction of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data technologies are disrupting our industry, and it’s time we change our mindset.

Gartner Selects Bigfinite as “2018 Cool Vendor for Life Sciences”

We are excited to share that Bigfinite was selected as a 2018 Gartner Cool Vendor for Life Sciences - the only company solely focused on GxP manufacturing intelligence and analytics!

A story about adoption – Pharma 4.0 at the world’s largest insulin manufacturers

Pharma 4.0 is a popular topic in this years ISPE Annual Meeting event in Philly and currently of great interest in the industry as a whole.