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Common questions

What makes Bigfinite different from the other big data analytics platforms?

We are the only platform that offers totally customizable packaged Solutions for Biotech & Pharma. We also work with new patented technologies designed to be used in regulated industries.

Do I need to install new infrastructures or software in order to use the platform?

Bigfinite does not require new software or infraestructures in order to be used, making it very easy to implement.

What kind of data sources does Bigfinite supports?

Bigfinite supports all kind of data sources like: ERP, MES, LIMS, OPC, PLC endpoints, Office Suite, RDBMS, Historians and other cloud data lakes.

How long it takes for the data to be collected?

Our platforms collects all the data in real time so you can make decisions and take actions quickly.

What happens to the data if the internet connection goes down?

While the internet connection is down all the data is collected offline and it’s uploaded to to the platform when the connection is restored.

How does Bigfinite comply with all the regulatory requirements of the Pharma and Biotech industry?

The system is continuously self qualified and all processes managed in the system are GxP compliant. Furthermore, the own platform has been developed and maintained using the quality standards required by the Pharma industry.

Do I need to acquire a platform for each plant my company owns?

No, Bigfinite is designed to work in real time with data sources coming from multiple plants all across the world.

How long does it takes to get Bigfinite up and running in my plant?

As soon as the data sources are connected to the platform, the system is so fast that in only a few hours you’ll be able to visualize all the data.

How are the employees trained to use the platform?

A third-party associate is in charge of the training of the employees. The platform also has a detailed Online Manual User explaining all the functionalities step by step.