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How Bigfinite can help with your digital transformation

Breaking Data Silos

Traditionally, data has been stored in disparate databases, never to be integrated into larger datasets. This makes it difficult to begin to get a sense of your operational realities which can include data like environment, equipment age, and movement patterns. With Bigfinite, you can break those data silos to get a holistic view of your data, both structured and unstructured, for real-time access, all within a GxP compliant data lake.

  • Unify structured and unstructured data
  • Contextualization – flexible semantic models
  • Ingest data from multiple, disparate data sources (real-time and historical)
Break Data Silos

Smarter Root Cause Analysis

Bigfinite’s solution for Root Cause Analysis is faster and more powerful than traditional RCA solutions because Bigfinite’s data sources are all connected and the platform ingests real-time, certified data. Combining multiple functionalities into a single tool also makes Bigfinite’s platform a smarter way of handling Root Cause Analysis, helping to determine the main cause of abnormal events and provide immediate feedback and insights to resolve problems and adjust operations.

  • Reduce time and resource costs by enabling faster responses to non-conformance events
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Shortened batch release time

Predicting Deviations

Bigfinite’s solution for Predictive Deviations uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find patterns that may lead to a deviation and send alerts before deviations are recorded. 

  • Detect patterns and irregularities in data through our pattern recognition algorithm in real-time and in different time ranges.
  • Discover deeper meaning by using real-time multivariate analytics before alerts are triggered
  • Explore various scenarios to predict outcomes based on real data

Consulting Services

Technology isn’t enough. Companies need to build a roadmap to Pharma 4.0 in both technology and culture. Let Bigfinite help you develop both the technology and culture roadmap for success!

  • Shorten your Pharma 4.0 implementation time
  • Achieve acceptance and synergies across the organization
  • Bring therapies to market faster and safer in the post-COVID era