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Jump Start your AI Journey with Bigfinite Consulting

What We Do For Our Customers

Bigfinite’s AI Consulting service offerings focus on a singular mission: To enable our customers to harness the power of AI and apply it to their most strategic, valuable and mission-critical operations. We specialize in bringing innovative application of AI to bear as part of each customer’s journey of digital transformation. This enables our customers to benefit from bringing AI out of the laboratory and putting it to work in their most critical business processes.

Common milestones:

  1. Build the foundation – Break those data silos!
  2. Discovery – Data aggregation and exploration
  3. Starting point – AI models at small scale and qualification
  4. AI Industrialization – Scaling it up and nurturing an AI culture
  5. AI and GxP – Auditreadiness
Break Data Silos

Why Bigfinite AI Consulting?

Our approach gets real, real fast. We help our customers to identify where the application of AI can drive the most business value, period. Together, we can help you to identify the initiatives with the highest potential return on AI deployment. Whether that’s RCA, OEE, CPV or something else, the combination of our people and our technology enables you to put AI to work driving increased value, fast.

How Do We Do It?

  • Our Fast Forward workshops quickly determine the specific business areas and the appropriate initiatives that will bring you the highest ROA.  
  • Our Blueprint engagements take the outputs from Fast Forward and build the initiatives, the prioritization and the plans for your organizational application of AI. You’ll be ready to take full advantage of the power of the Bigfinite GxP AI Platform.
How Bigfinite can help with your digital transformation