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Deeper Root Cause Analysis

Bigfinite’s Root Cause Analysis solution helps reduce time and resource costs by enabling faster responses to non-conformance events, faster time-to-market and shortened batch release time. It accelerates continuous process verification and improves corrective and preventive processes. Bigfinite’s better root cause analysis also contributes to improving inspection readiness – having immediate access to trustworthy information from a GxP-compliant data storage to show regulators any requested information with confidence when being audited.

Historical and Real-time Data

Use Bigfinite’s data visualization tools to gain a broader view of your process and be able to discover and understand the cause of your previously unknown deviations.

Historical + Real-time Analysis
Automatic Data Alignment

Automatic Data Alignment

80% of data scientists’ time is wasted aligning the data points of their processes to specific timestamps for their AI models to properly function. In Bigfinite, this process is done automatically by default. Furthermore, if you want to customize the way it is done there are also several easy-to-use tools for the alignment and propagation of the data available at any time in the platform.

Continuous Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Discover and analyse the relationship between your most relevant process variables to reduce complexity and continuously control for any potential deviations and its causes, even when inside the specification limits.
Continuous PCA
Process Optimization - Bigfinite Screenshot

Structured and Unstructured Data

Store all kinds of data into Bigfinite’s GxP unstructured cloud data lake. From numbers to videos, from single values to complex aggregates. At Bigfinite, the nature and origin of your data is not only irrelevant, but also presents no limits.

AI Causality Detection

Unlock the power of Machine Learning to visualize the causality between your variables and find hidden insights in a sea of data, something impossible to perceive by the human eye alone.