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A new way to discover process optimizations and make predictions

to increase economic efficiencies



Real time visibility to predict and propose actions in real time to ensure the quality and to make the manufacturing processes more robust.


Preconfigured packaged functionalities covering usual but hard to solve industry-wide requirements.

Bigfinite provides preconfigured solutions that cover customers real needs that couldn’t be addressed with the existing market offer.

Qualified and regulatory


The platform is continuously self-qualified and ensures the traceability of the information and its data sources using regulated frameworks and Artificial Intelligence with specific algorithms designed for this purpose.

Analysis & knowledge


The algorithms used by the platform to find relationships between data combined with the power of the big data analytics and AI, enable our customers to discover new optimization paths.

Furthermore, current and future inefficiencies are prevented using the systematic procedures provided by the continuous use of the Solutions.


Algorithms and technologies for regulated data management in the cloud are USPTO and WIPO patented.
IP based in Quality, Industry, Technology and Mathematic Standards.

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Our algorithms and technologies for regulated data management in the cloud are WIPO and USPTO patented.